Intelligent CISO Issue 57 | Page 75

can likewise be used to initiate proactive measures and preserve customer loyalty .
2 . Forget websites ; offer digital services
Static information pages are to the digital world as the dodo is to the animal kingdom . And corporate brochures are to a digital native as a bicycle is to a fish . The Millennial and the Gen-Zer demand digital services . The mobile app , the messaging channel , the chatbot – these speak the language of the modern consumer . But they do more ; they offer a window into the behaviours and preferences of individual consumers who – remember – expect to be treated as individuals . In real-time , interaction data is not as actionable as it is when looking at the patterns in behaviour over time to discern trends that can inform decisions .
This approach also enables the proactive customer service mentioned earlier , in that it allows the business to anticipate issues and demands and allows the designers of digital services to empower the customer to discover new products and find solutions to their own problems . Self-service is , after all , another defining aspiration of the digital native and it has the convenient side-effect of being costfriendly to the business .
3 . Encourage citizen development
All of these avenues may seem attractive in theory , but many regional businesses www . intelligentciso . com