Intelligent CISO Issue 57 | Page 52

Center , Toshiba . As a result , he came to the conclusion that “ to support our proactive approach to security , we needed to invest in threat intelligence to prepare us for cyberattacks before they happen . Recorded Future ’ s wide coverage and volume of information led to our initial evaluation of its intelligence and later to choosing Recorded Future as our intelligence provider .”
After evaluating a range of intelligence vendors that provide IoCs ( Indicator of Compromise ) and threat intelligence , Toshiba selected Recorded Future . The deciding factor was Recorded Future ’ s superiority in both breadth of information coverage and volume of information .
“ Recorded Future accumulates a wide range of data to provide us with the most useful intelligence ,” said Kenji Kojima , Senior Manager of Cyber Security Technology Center , Toshiba . “ Moreover , we can set alerts within the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform that trigger when specific keywords are found on the web . We most appreciated the fact that Recorded Future ’ s intelligence has accumulated a wide range of past information and delivers relevant information based on its own engine once keywords are set .
“ Rather than handling IoC feeds such as harmful IP addresses or malware hash values in pieces , the Recorded
Future Intelligence Platform presents a dashboard of IoCs tied to specific threats and the attackers who use them . We found it easy to use in that it displays a large amount of information in a structured manner , rather than in isolation ,” said Kojima .
In parallel to the introduction of Recorded Future , the Cyber Security Center established a team of analysts to utilise intelligence . The analyst team helps to respond to inquiries from the Computer Security Incident Response Team ( CSIRT ) and Product Security Incident Response Team ( PSIRT ), which are responsible for incident response in the field .
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