Intelligent CISO Issue 55 - Page 51



As cyberthreats continue to increase globally , there is a need for increased visibility across industries . Mike O ’ Sullivan , CTO at INFINOX , tells Intelligent CISO ’ s Mrigaya Dham how its partnership with Cloudflare has resulted in enhanced visibility and a more secure defence posture .
As CTO , can you outline your approach and how this enables you to meet the business goals of your organisation ?
Our strategic approach is always a balancing act between security on one hand with usability and agility on the other . Often , the most secure controls are not the most efficient in terms of allowing businesses to scale and deliver in an agile way . As CTO , I have to continually coach the business on finding a balance that works for everyone in harmony with the strategic and commercial objectives .
Can you tell us how digitalisation demands have placed pressure on the company to scale and how you ’ ve managed this effectively ?
With our global footprint now spanning multiple global jurisdictions such as Asia , Latin America and Africa ; we require a scalable solution which can deliver excellent performance in a digitalised world . For an online trading provider , the true focus of digitalisation for us will always be how effectively we can distribute a price to an endcustomer ( a foreign exchange pair such as EURUSD for example ) and how we can protect our customer ’ s data while transacting and trading through us . In other words , digitalisation is about making a currency price as competitive as possible while protecting the other important global currency for our customers which is their data .
We looked at different options with Cloudflare to achieve this ethos , such as focusing on a content delivery network ( CDN ), load balancing , network layer 7 , firewalls and security , and it was able to tick all the boxes based on our requirements and naturally fitted our strategic objectives .
How do you monitor the cross-regional needs of your customers while conforming to the highest standards of data privacy and security ?
Outside of our internal SEO analytics and business intelligence platforms , we use the native Cloudflare Web and Account Analytics dashboards which provide a comprehensive insight on customer browser preferences , devices , zones , peak time and overall performance of our sites and products . Both are features of the Cloudflare package that we have found indispensable when it comes to
Mike O ’ Sullivan , CTO at INFINOX understanding the customer experience which we place with the highest regard at INFINOX . Furthermore , having excellent intelligence that shows us how people are interacting with our systems has played a vital role in understanding what ’ s happening around us . With this insight , it gives us the best chance of anticipating customer needs and pre-empting the full range of security incidents . This activity takes a number of different forms from monitoring local legislation to being aware of cybersecurity incidents on a global scale . Furthermore , it allows us to aggregate internal and external data for a holistic view of our operating environment .
Can you tell us about your partnership with Cloudflare – how is working with this www . intelligentciso . com