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The end-user is the biggest vulnerability in any network environment and education is important .

The end-user is the biggest vulnerability in any network environment and education is important .

on the vulnerabilities that most put those assets at risk .
With the explosion in distributed networks , data today lives everywhere . Enabling secure connectivity and managing it ‘ where it exists ’ – across multiple sources and devices – is part of the challenge . Where security professionals often do not have the time to prioritise network security , these environments change constantly and require real-time analysis and augmentation .
Managed firewalls relieve security professionals from having to maintain the rule sets at the entry point to the network , while also providing the benefit of lessons learned from a broader set of organisations .
Even more critical to ensuring network security , CISOs need the intelligence in the network to look more holistically at the behaviour of the traffic , incorporating different data sources and automatically identifying what is good and bad traffic .
From here , appropriate technologies must be employed , such as intrusion prevention , network antivirus and SD WAN to provide safety to all users in real-time and ensure seamless secure connectivity .
Today , organisations have more apps , more data , more locations and more remote users than ever before . Alert fatigue is a real problem , assuming every element is even being monitored .
Millions of daily notifications warn of potential security dangers and , while some can be discarded , others must be acted on immediately .
Managed SIEM solutions enable security professionals to log cyberattack events and to cross-analyse and aggregate the details into an actionable format . They enable CISOs to react quickly and to provide value during the heat of the incident , at the very time it ’ s needed , identifying how the security breach happened and how to prevent it from doing more damage .
When we think about response , we are really talking about Managed Endpoint Detection and Response ( EDR ) providing next-generation endpoint security that can quickly identify and stop abnormal behaviours . Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and attack vectors are everywhere , particularly since the move to remote working .
The end-user is the biggest vulnerability in any network environment and education is important . But the risk still exists , no matter how much training is given and it is critical to proactively protect the endpoint every single day .
Unplanned downtime can result in irrecoverable , long-term damage to the organisation , customers and reputation . The impact of a disaster event can include revenue loss , customer churn and – in a worst-case scenario – the inability to continue business operations .
Here , recovery requires proactive data backup and replication . Secure Cloud Backup delivers easy and cost-effective offsite data backup to achieve 3-2-1 protection best practices . The service provides a reliable safety net for a range of data loss events including malicious or accidental deletions , hardware failures and cybercrime .
Additionally , Disaster Recovery-as-a- Service ( DRaaS ) can combine the
right people , processes and technology to prepare the business for disaster events and ensure a quick and successful recovery .
Improving defences with Managed Security Service Providers ( MSSPs )
Given the complexity , severity and 24 / 7 nature of the evolving threat landscape , the increasing requirement to meet compliance requirements and the costs and limitations of in-house resources , the right MSSP can offer CISOs a great solution to address their need for affordable and trustworthy protection from cybercrime .
The global managed security services market is predicted to reach US $ 356.24 billion by 2025 , so it ’ s clear that more security professionals than ever are turning to MSSP solutions to bolster their defences .
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