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6 . news
Latest news round-up
15 . latest intelligence
Latest whitepapers from Intercity and Tanium
18 . cyber trends
Report reveals almost half of board members globally feel unprepared for a cyberattack
22 . infographic
Data protection emergency : 79 % of IT leaders see a worrying ‘ protection gap ’ between tolerable data loss and how IT is protecting their data
24 . threat updates
Latest updates from UK , US and Australia
27 . editor ’ s question
What is the modern day CISO prioritising as cyber-risks continue to surge ?
33 . predictive intelligence
Improving cybersecurity with Managed Security Services Providers
41 . expert opinion
How XDR reduces the total cost of security operations
44 . industry unlocked
Unlocking security and cloud-based analytics in government
55 . intelligent technologies
62 . business surveillance
Yellow . ai expert on improving e-commerce through an omnichannel experience
67 . decrypting myths
Aligning Zero Trust with the Essential Eight
71 . go phish
We ‘ Go Phishing ’ with Karen Worstell , Senior Cyber Strategist at VMware
. feature
Here , Toni El Inati – RVP Sales , META & CEE , Barracuda Networks , identifies 13 different types of email threats including the most challenging for users and security systems to detect which are Business Email Compromise ( BEC ), conversation hijacking and brand impersonation .



51 . end-user insight
As cyberthreats continue to increase globally , there is a need for increased visibility across industries . Mike O ’ Sullivan , CTO at INFINOX , tells Intelligent CISO ’ s Mrigaya Dham how its partnership with Cloudflare has resulted in enhanced visibility and a more secure defence posture .
48 . feature
The use of biometric technology has taken off in recent years which could largely be down to loopholes in password security becoming more apparent . Benoit Jouffrey , Thales Digital Identity & Security CTO , offers expert insight into the ways biometrics is being utilised across the technology landscape – whether it be in airports , banks or simply on an iPhone – and why it ’ s key to achieving world-class cybersecurity protection .
74 . end point analysis


What is good cloud migration security ?

78 . gitex review cover story www . intelligentciso . com