Intelligent CISO Issue 53 - Page 62

How to improve cybersecurity within business
One key step to closing the disconnect between cybersecurity and business is aimed at developing a deeper education and understanding of each other ’ s needs as well as terminology and processes essential to effective communication . To do this successfully , both sides must exercise patience and the ability to accept personal faults , putting aside titles and coming in with an openness to learn .
Board members and executive management must also embody a teaching role towards cybersecurity professionals , making themselves available to share insights and knowledge about the broader aspects of the business . By doing so , a welcoming environment for learning is created , allowing for open communication for both sides to inquire about the other . This type of approach creates a bridge , connecting the different sectors and making way for effective communication to prepare public company boards to better respond to the new regulatory challenges being proposed and likely implemented .
Additionally , transparency is vital to avoid engaging in a ‘ blame culture ’ that often occurs following a cyber breach . Organisations that develop a culture of unity and cooperation have much greater odds of faster resiliency amid challenges , allowing the business to pick back up day-to-day work and avoid the breakdown of investor confidence after a major cyber breach .
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