Intelligent CISO Issue 53 | Page 33


It ’ s time to stop sacrificing usability in the name of security

Sébastien Roques-Shaw , Director of Partnerships , Virtru , discusses the emerging Open Trusted Data Format standard and how it can now be implemented by enterprise organisations of all types , allowing CISOs to provide secure Zero Trust data protection across cloud applications and file sharing tools – without compromising ease of collaboration between employees , suppliers and customers . or many years ,

F securing data came at a high cost : ensuring sensitive information remained secure and protected meant locking it down or limiting its shareability . People had to jump through hoops to securely share sensitive information – and even then , once that data left your environment , it was completely out of your hands .

But we lose too much when we lock data down – we reduce collaboration , we create silos and we prevent brilliant people from ‘ connecting the dots ’ that can spark important insights .
We desperately need those insights to solve big problems like securing critical infrastructure , fighting climate change and collaborating with global partners .
Thankfully , with the technology and open standards we now have , tech leaders no longer have to sacrifice usability for security . They can – and should – have both .
Solving the data conundrum
In the SaaS ecosystem , usability is king . You can have a stellar application , but if it ’ s clunky , outdated , or difficult to use , people simply won ’ t use it .
When it comes to cybersecurity , usability is especially crucial because it only takes one person , making one mistake , one time to potentially cause a devastating data breach . According to
Sébastien Roques-Shaw , Director of Partnerships , Virtru
IBM , the average cost of a data breach in 2022 is US $ 4.35 million .
Security leaders undergo the constant battle against human error , often encountering resistance from their employees when security tools are too difficult to use – think portal-based email security : users don ’ t want to add an extra step , or an extra set of login credentials to their workflow , so they ’ re likely to circumvent difficult security processes instead of actually using them .
Thankfully , easy-to-use security tools are gaining traction and giving people the ability to securely share information without changing their current workflows . Security leaders are also implementing www . intelligentciso . com