Intelligent CISO Issue 52 - Page 65

BUSINESS SURVEILLANCE ensure competitive advantage , utilising IT resources in the cloud and enabling remote access and hybrid working while ensuring that staff feel supported in whatever work style they wish to adopt .
Top cyberthreat concerns for enterprise IT
Without a doubt , the escalating threat landscape is causing a broad array of concerns from respondents . Chief among them is the loss of sensitive assets and data followed by the disruptive impact of downtime or network lockdown . In response , there was an evident shift to a Zero Trust security approach . One-third ( 30 %) of enterprise organisations said that they had already adopted a Zero Trust model .
Looking to the future , we expect adoption of cybersecurity initiatives to not only remain high , but to become higher . This includes a more pervasive adoption of the Zero Trust model within the enterprise as all employees become more aware of the benefits of such a strategy and approach .
It ’ s clear that there is unlikely to be any relief from the pressures for enterprises and their IT practitioners , whether in infrastructure or security domains . We will be dealing with the impact of these recent pandemic-related changes for years to come , including the continuing integration of newer technologies and evolving standards .
Therefore , IT organisations must continue to invest in modern technologies that support ongoing Digital Transformation initiatives but strike the balance between strong Zero Trust defence and operational agility for their multifaceted digital resiliency needs . u www . intelligentciso . com