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Nozomi Networks enables transportation companies secure OT and IoT architectures and reveals its key solutions into how regional transportation and logistics companies can secure operations in the digital age . Thales , another leader in the cybersecurity transportation field , has revealed its connected and cybersecure solution which will improve interoperability for airlines and pilots and optimise flight paths to help reduce the carbon footprint of airline operations .
ozomi Networks ,

N a global leader in Operational Technology ( OT ) and Internet of Things ( IoT ) security , has demonstrated the breadth of its portfolio comprising leading OT and IoT security solutions and how its technologies can secure modern transportation .

Cybercriminals can create immediate havoc by targeting OT networks and IT devices used for critical transportation infrastructure . Global companies like Maersk , Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Matson have all experienced catastrophic attacks in the recent past . Transportation and
Bachir Moussa , Regional Director MEAR at Nozomi Networks logistics companies are highly targeted by cyber adversaries as they have more business revenues and reputation at stake . According to Gartner , by 2025 , cyberattackers will have weaponised Operational Technology ( OT ) environments to successfully harm or kill humans .
Bachir Moussa , Regional Director MEAR at Nozomi Networks , said : “ Threats to the OT / IT environment are at the peak . It is now more critical than ever to put in place nimble security controls in your cybersecurity architecture , especially in the transportation industry . Today , everything is reliant on technology and increasingly tech leaders in the transportation industry are making OT / IT security a top priority . From recent incidents , we know perpetrators will do whatever it takes to cause irrevocable harm to transportation organisations .”
Nozomi Networks offers a scalable , cloud-based SaaS solution , Vantage , as well as other key solutions from its portfolio . Critical infrastructure defences are maturing significantly – thanks , in part , to progress when it comes to public and private cooperative efforts aimed at tightening defences – and Nozomi Networks has made a significant contribution to this awareness with innovative security solutions . Additionally , government guidelines , mandates and legislation in combination with self-governance at the sector level will help establish and enforce a standard baseline for critical infrastructure cybersecurity .
Thales , a global technology leader offering cybersecurity solutions to the transportation sector , has been selected by Airbus to equip its commercial airliners with the most powerful and innovative flight management system on the market .
The new flight management system ( FMS ), which is based on the PureFlyt product and has been adapted to meet the specific needs of Airbus , will be developed by Thales to equip Airbus commercial airliners – and in particular the A320 , A330 and A350 – with service entry planned for the end of 2026 .
With its expertise in avionics , connectivity and cybersecurity and air traffic management , Thales is the only European company to offer endto-end onboard and ground-based solutions that help to meet the ambitious objectives of optimising flight operations in terms of the air transport sector ’ s carbon footprint .
The new system will improve interoperability for airlines and pilots and optimise flight paths to help reduce the carbon footprint of airline operations .
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