Intelligent CISO Issue 49 | Page 53

COVER STORY supporting the English language . It needed to have a lot of features that can assist the user wherever they are outside the organisation in a simple way . So , the Lookout solution meets our expectations .
How far do your employees feel protected when working from home since deploying the Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security solution ?
In the beginning , we faced a lot of challenges . Some of the devices were given to the employee by the organisation and a lot of them were their own devices . So we ’ ve done a lot of cybersecurity awareness sessions to explain to them how much Lookout is a secure application and about its privacy capabilities .
How would you now describe your organisation ’ s security posture and how does this differ from before ?
It ’ s much better now . Usually , cyberattacks are attacking from servers , endpoints and laptops . So , you know who is attacking you or the type of threat , but behind that , from the smart device where most of the users using the smart device are looking to our environment , you don ’ t know anything . By utilising the Lookout solution , we have more visibility of the attack surface .
Since working with Lookout , has KIPIC managed to uphold its philosophy that security should enable the business , not constrain it ?
Yes , I totally believe that . This is one of the major things that they target because technology is changing very fast . You cannot catch it . To be able to reach what management want as an organisation , you have to support your business environment with all controls needed . We believe as part of our philosophy that whatever technology is there as a trend , you will never prevent fraud against it .
What does the future hold for KIPIC in terms of your cybersecurity growth as a company ?
When you work in a happy environment and an environment where you feel secure , you will do amazing things . Working in a safe environment , especially with Lookout , will be a great achievement for KIPIC . u industry and how does Lookout help you to tackle these ?
These challenges are changing all the time due to the nature of IT . This means that we are faced with new cybersecurity threats and we must address them and find some level of control . An example of one of these challenges is understanding how we can protect people working remotely .
Why did you decide to work with Lookout on this occasion ?
Myself and my team did a lot of research to find the right solution that protects the smart device and at the same time , maintains user privacy . We also needed it to support the Arabic language as we are an Arabic country , as well as
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