Intelligent CISO Issue 43 - Page 71




wWhat would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry ?

For me , it ’ s playing a part in the growth of Bridewell ’ s managed security services over the last 12 months . Since January , our Security Operations Centre ( SOC ) has doubled in size to cater to growing demand for managed detection and response . We have gained CREST accreditation and our services have grown significantly ; now anticipated to account for a third of turnover in 2021 . There are few SOCs within the UK of our scale and capability , and spearheading its development and growth has been particularly rewarding .
What first made you think of a career in cybersecurity ?
One of the things that really drew me to cybersecurity was that it ’ s such an essential part of every business and not an add or by-product as some may have historically seen it . While my current role is my first pure cyber-role , in reality cybersecurity has been ingrained in everything I ’ ve done throughout my career , for that very reason .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I opt for an open and approachable style of leadership which has really resonated with the people I manage . I ’ m a believer in mentoring up and down and everyone being a leader , which is a philosophy that really stood out to me when reading Turn the Ship Around !, by Lt David Marquet . In it , he demonstrates how ensuring leadership at every level within a workplace can be highly beneficial to both the business and individuals . The book resonated with me so much that I shared copies with my team so that they too could help me build a culture of leadership .
What do you think is the current hot cyber security talking point ?
Ransomware is the topic of the moment given its high prominence in the media and boardrooms . Every business will have had to ask the question , ‘ How would we respond to a ransomware attack ?’ Yet , lots still can ’ t answer it , which I believe must change .
Every minute a business is not operating has an impact on both revenue and reputation , so organisations need to consider how they can limit the damage of ransomware attacks through effective detection and response . As this conversation rolls on , some businesses are beginning to take out cyber insurance so they can pay the ransom
if needed . However , this could be a double-edged sword , after all , if you pay the ransom once , you ’ ll likely become a target again .
How do you deal with stress and unwind outside the office ?
I ’ m a family man and like nothing more than spending time outdoors with my wife , two sons and our dogs to unwind at the weekend . On a Saturday morning , you ’ re most likely to find me officiating matches for my eldest ’ s football team . I ’ m also a keen cyclist so like to head out on long bike rides with the kids .
If you could go back and change one career decision , what would it be ?
My philosophy is that you ’ ve got to live your life with no regrets . If I changed anything in my past I wouldn ’ t be where I am today – doing well and really enjoying my job at one of the fastest growing UK cybersecurity service companies . Of course , that ’ s www . intelligentciso . com