Intelligent CISO Issue 43 - Page 65

BUSINESS SURVEILLANCE where they are and address their challenges head on . What I ' ve experienced with customers on the ground over in the Middle East and in Africa is that sometimes they are very concerned because of their workload and operational silos within their organisation and teams . There are also limited resources , and I think we all understand the shortage of security talent in our industry .
Unfortunately , some customers are struggling with having qualified security talent in those areas such as malware analysis , threat hunting , forensics , AI or cloud . It ' s important that organisations are constantly recruiting and retaining talent .
How can Rapid7 help organisations to balance continued innovation and risk management ?
I think it ' s easy to see that one of the biggest obstacles is ensuring you have good operational security .
Tools and teams sometimes aren ' t working together and where we can help is to dismantle the silos and connect your technologies , processes and people , even beyond security , to include it in development .
Our platform is there as a business enabler to help organisations continue to innovate and transform digitally without being overly concerned about the security risk and security posture .
How can organisations best prepare and implement a strategy that protects them against threats ?
Fundamentally , I believe organisations require sound security strategy planning and a roadmap . This of course is down to the talent you can hire , as well as leveraging vendors like Rapid7 and local partners .
But my real advice to customers is to always have a multi-layered approach – there ' s no silver bullet in security , it ’ s an ongoing field of improvement and making sure you have regular security drills and training is a typically consistent process for all organisations , in my opinion .
Being realistic is also important . Sometimes organisations may overstretch themselves because they ' re trying to do too much and they don ' t end up meeting their goals . So , have a plan and make sure you ' re realistic about where you are in terms of your process , your people and your technologies , and then make a sound decision based on that . u www . intelligentciso . com