Intelligent CISO Issue 43 - Page 39

FEATURE impersonated Microsoft products . These lookalikes are becoming increasingly sophisticated , making it harder than ever for the recipient to identify the real from the fake .
Taking a holistic approach to email security
To overcome the growing security issues they face , organisations need to adopt a holistic strategy that addresses all threats at once , starting with external emails delivered to the corporate network , all the way to information shared by staff internally .
Yet , technology is only one part of the puzzle : companies also need to ensure they are empowering their staff to better spot potential threats and avoid falling into the traps hackers lay out for them .
To do so , many companies are now organising cybersecurity awareness training sessions .
These training modules allow even the least tech-savvy employee to develop the right behaviours . Our research shows that users who receive awareness training are five times less likely to fall for malicious emails containing dangerous links , than those that didn ’ t get trained .
By training people , companies are also reducing the need for the IT team to solve cybersecurity challenges – something that 20 % of IT leaders still have to do more than once a day .
This approach to cybersecurity brings together both defence and intelligence across multiple security layers , which include hardware , software , people , processes and partners , to enable organisations to overcome the lost visibility of internal and outbound email threats .
This provides them with a clear , effective way to detect attacks that are underway and take quick action to prevent them before completion , and to educate users to prevent compromised accounts in the first place . u www . intelligentciso . com