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What needs to change , however , is the approach to cybersecurity .

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What needs to change , however , is the approach to cybersecurity .

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O the ‘ new norm ’ workspace expanded the organisation ’ s perimeter . With remote work as the new standard and organisations working on multi-cloud environments , we had to make sure that all the developers and teams accessing confidential assets did not go out of the organisation .

The ‘ new normal ’ required organisations to revisit and check the security level and relevance of their network ’ s infrastructures , processes , compliance of connected mobile and PC devices , IoT etc . Also , the increased use of the cloud meant an increased level of security , especially in technologies that secure workloads , containers and serverless applications on multi and hybrid cloud environments . Technologies such as VDI ( Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ) together with several security solutions were adopted to make sure that the exchange of data and information from home was secured . Organisations had switched to using collaboration tools more than ever before . These collaboration platforms , which are an extension of an organisation ’ s on-premises infrastructure , are completely in the public cloud . To make sure that the
JONATHAN FISCHBEIN , CISO , CHECK POINT SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES confidential information is secured and protected from being exposed in these environments , we had to implement SASE security or extend the CASB solutions to make sure that only the relevant people with Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA ) are logging in and are able to access the information .
What needs to change , however , is the approach to cybersecurity . There are two alarming trends in cybersecurity nowadays : multi extortion phases ransomware attacks ; and supply chain campaigns . For both , we have sophisticated mitigations technologies that we can implement and we need to step up against the adversaries . If the beginning was rushed and CISOs found themselves having to implement policies on the go , now there is a real need to level up as cybercriminals continue to take advantage of this global shift to exploit organisations and enterprises of all sizes .
One of the key challenges facing organisations in a hybrid work environment is the intensity of cyberattacks rather than the exposure to new vulnerabilities . These vulnerabilities made IT and security professionals who faced the relentless discovery of new exploits , to constantly race to patch and fix the cyber incidents . However , patching external facing systems is not enough in this new normal . There is now a need for IT and security leaders to protect the ‘ soft ’ areas such as employees and assets from vulnerabilities which means securing all endpoints .
With the hybrid workplace in the limelight across many organisations , the important thing for IT professionals and SOC teams is to leverage unified solutions that will provide valuable protection on multiple fronts . The keynote is that hybrid workplace will become a part of our everyday life and as IT professionals and security leaders it makes sense to consolidate the security solutions to ensure each possible endpoint is secured . www . intelligentciso . com