Intelligent CISO Issue 40 | Page 43

Ransomware is the biggest threat to British people and businesses .
This means much of the nation ’ s infrastructure remains unconnected to the Internet – making it largely insusceptible to cyber threats . The oneway threat posed by some nations may present a unique challenge to the UK and other highly connected nations in the years to come .
A reactive response won ’ t be enough – We must prepare
Reactive approaches won ’ t cut it in a threat landscape perpetuated by some of the most intelligent tech minds globally . To have the best chance of protecting data , funds and – most critically – the daily lives of all those living in the UK , we must stop attacks like Colonial Pipeline or WannaCry from happening in the first place .
The UK government must acknowledge the severity of these threats , considering them as destructive and disruptive as warfare in its more typical forms . It must take on board the messages from the National Cyber Security Centre and independent cybersecurity experts , with a view to anticipating an increase in the volume and severity of threats in the coming years . And , most importantly , it must set in place strong cyber-resiliency plans and advanced technologies to help fend off these threats with a preventionfirst attitude .
Such a security posture starts with neutralising malware before it can exploit systems . Once it ’ s unable to execute , the downstream consequences , and the resulting efforts

Ransomware is the biggest threat to British people and businesses .

to trace , contain and remediate the damage , are dramatically reduced .
In turn , this will make targets less valuable for would-be criminals . Only this way can the NHS , emergency services and other critical national infrastructures continue their hard work in the knowledge that data is confidential , safe and used only in the best interest of the UK and its people . u www . intelligentciso . com