Intelligent CISO Issue 28

A PUBLICATION intelligent Incident response Incident response course prepares attendees for cybersecurity readiness Security budget Experts discuss how to manage security budgets for peak performance security intelligence that transcends borders Cyberskills challenge How to close the cyberskills gap while COVID-19 drives workforce cuts issue 28 | ON-TREND CYBERSECURITY Steve Kinman, Group CISO, Zalando, discusses the leading eCommerce company’s cybersecurity approach, how it has overcome security challenges during COVID-19, and where it intends to invest in the future. ENTERPRISE FIREWALL PARTNER INTELLIGENT EMAIL PROTECTION PARTNER INTELLIGENT EDUCATION PARTNER INTELLIGENT CYBER SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT VIDEO CALL PARTNER DATA SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT ECOMMERCE PARTNER INTELLIGENT SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT WORKFLOW PARTNER INTELLIGENT PARTNER INTELLIGENT ENDPOINT SECURITY PARTNER GLOBAL INNOVATION PARTNER