Intelligent CISO Issue 26

A PUBLICATION intelligent Security necessity The importance of including security in a multi-cloud strategy Insider threat The impact of an insider threat and how to avoid being left with a hefty bill security intelligence that transcends borders IT and OT convergence Experts discuss the security risks caused when IT and OT networks converge issue 26 | THREAT DEPARTURE Frédéric Julhes, Director of Airbus Cybersecurity France, tells us how the company managed to strengthen its threat intelligence with ThreatQuotient. The cybersecurity specialist can now continuously deliver cyber intelligence flows tailored to the needs of its customers. ENTERPRISE FIREWALL PARTNER INTELLIGENT DATA PROTECTION PARTNER GLOBAL CISO KNOWLEDGE PARTNER INTELLIGENT CYBER SECURITY PARTNER DATA SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT WORKFLOW PARTNER INTELLIGENT PARTNER INTELLIGENT ENDPOINT SECURITY PARTNER GLOBAL INNOVATION PARTNER