Intelligent CISO Issue 16 | Page 60

UAE’s law enforcement gets helping hand from AI-powered face recognition system Dmitry Doshaniy, General Manager at NNTC, said: “Our software employs a face recognition algorithm that has been ranked very highly in terms of its quality. After years of dedication and hard work, we’ve managed to achieve a level of accuracy that is practically unparalleled. “The objective of this technology is to channel the potential of Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality to assist in law enforcement procedures.” iFalcon Face Control-powered smart glasses – The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses have been deployed to multiple security operations aw enforcement and security operations in the UAE have received a tech upgrade. Dubai- based software developer and solutions provider NNTC has partnered with Vuzix to supply security personnel in the UAE with the world’s first, fully autonomous AI-powered face recognition system – NNTC’s iFalcon Face Control Mobile. L The independent Face Recognition Vendor Test conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recorded a True Positive Rating (TPR) of 97.45%, indicating a high percentage of accurate matches and a False Positive Rating (FPR) of only 0.1% on a test database of over one million faces for NNTC’s face recognition algorithm. Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, which very closely resemble run-of-the-mill sunglasses, are embedded with an eight- megapixel camera. The glasses leverage the iFalcon software to detect up to 15 faces per video frame. The software is capable of identifying an individual in less than a second and notifications regarding positive matches are sent to the see-through display embedded within the lens. iFalcon Face Control also allows its wearers mobility: no data connectivity is required for the software to function; users can carry or wear a portable base station which connects to the glasses and stores a database of ‘watch-listed’ individuals. Meanwhile, notifications sent to the built- in display frees up the wearer to interact with people or perform alternative tasks. Dmitry Doshaniy, General Manager at NNTC, said: “We are eager to see how the software assists in maintaining the safety of law-abiding citizens. “This innovative technology can significantly boost the safety of the general public, particularly in crowded venues and can identify potential threats. So far the response from our customers and the market overall has been extremely positive.” u A total of 50 Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, powered by NNTC’s trademark technology, have been deployed to multiple security operations. Engineered specifically for law enforcement officers and security personnel, the solution allows wearers to discretely scan faces in a crowd and compare them against a comprehensive offline database of violators, missing people and suspects. 60 Dmitry Doshaniy, General Manager at NNTC Issue 16 |