Intelligent CISO Issue 16 - Page 6

news Ping Identity simplifies and strengthens customer data protection ing Identity, a leader in identity defined security, has announced updates to its data governance solution, PingDataGovernance, to better manage data security and privacy requirements for APIs and user profiles. P Modern enterprises manage many different APIs on average, meaning sensitive consumer data like banking information and healthcare records are increasingly vulnerable. This rapid growth of APIs and third-party API traffic necessitates fine-grained data protection. These latest enhancements help enterprises build consumer trust and enable seamless and secure experiences for their customers. What’s new in PingDataGovernance? The updates to PingDataGovernance address these needs with two significant changes. The first is customer data protection in APIs as part of an advanced API security program. The second is a drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI), allowing business users to collaboratively author and test policies with a visual policy tree. With this additional functionality, customers can address several organisational challenges. Mike Mayfield, Head of Directory at the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) of the UK, said: “We have been using PingDataGovernance for some time now and we’re eager to begin using the new graphical user interface for collaborative visibility and drag and drop policy administration.” 6 ITC LAUNCHES MANAGED SECURITY SERVICES AROUND THE CLOCK AND EXTENDS PROTECTION SERVICES TC (Integrated Telecommunications Company), a leading telecommunications and IT company, has announced that it has expanded its information security services by launching a new set of Managed Security Services (MSS). of Saudi Arabia market, as well as providing real-time threat visibility. This will help organisations monitor and detect threats, deal with incidents and manage cybersecurity risks. “Many Saudi companies have expressed frustration at the lack of adequate monitoring of threats and insufficient attention from their managed service provider,” said Ahmed Hassan, Head of Corporate Communications at Etisalat. I MSS provides proactive security monitoring for network devices, endpoints, cloud-based environments and SAAS software. By leveraging the company’s extensive knowledge in the field of communications and IT, ITC will provide this service to address the unique concerns and lack of security resources in the Kingdom The company is taking this step at a time when the management of all information security technologies is a daunting task for many, making it very difficult to monitor all threats and mitigate their effects. “Expanding our services with information security services, incident management, threat intelligence, WAF, security management, vulnerability testing and IT security management will significantly increase our ability to help our customers meet this challenge by providing real-time, week-long and 360-degree protection.” Issue 16 |