Intelligent CISO Issue 16 - Page 53

COVER STORY Intelligence to evaluate telemetry gathered from multiple security controls, which includes everything from the car information on race days to customer data. In addition, threats are highlighted in real-time to our on-premises cybersecurity team, allowing us to make sure vulnerabilities are dealt with instantly. How would you summarise the main benefits of the solutions? We know that this complex environment is always changing. The fact that Secureworks works with so many blue- chip organisations to analyse the threat environment, the solutions and help people embrace different technologies means that it is far better placed to do the heavy lift of that work and allow us to focus on areas where we need to pace drop. In addition, the client portal has enabled us to demonstrate our success to the board as we can provide specific KPI/ KRI metrics. How far has this future-proofed the company? a belief that the appropriate use of technology transforms the workplace and our customers’ experience. Why did you choose Secureworks? Based on the trust of our technical partnership, we want to be focusing our time on the applications layer, the data and our customer and product experiences. The global nature of Secureworks and its ever-changing threat analysis means that we couldn’t possibly be as good or attentive. Secureworks analyses around 30 billion log events for us on an annual basis and that is an eyewatering number for a company of our size. Its ability to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to spot the threats within that data is second-to-none. We have peace of mind that it is looking | Issue 16 at what’s going on in the emerging technology space and we know that it is monitoring threat profiles which are constantly changing. Great partnerships are fundamental to the way we go about racing. It’s a partnership of which McLaren is very proud. Can you outline the challenges of distributed data and how Secureworks tackles this? With data fundamental to our business success, security needs to be second-to- none and Secureworks has enabled us to achieve this. Not only do we have security today, but we are able to utilise its expert team, which spends endless hours scouring the global threat landscape, to deliver a risk profile and strategy that will enable us to ensure our data is continuously kept secure and accessible. The Secureworks platform leverages Machine Learning and Artificial Nothing is ever taken for granted and who knows where the future threats are coming from. It’s difficult to rest easy but we have confidence working together in partnership with an organisation at scale. Secureworks works with a range of blue-chip organisations which are using these products and services to continually update them. This is a much better place to be in than fighting it alone and puts us in a strong position to anticipate threats and react. How have the solutions enabled efficiencies? As this partnership has allowed us to outsource the majority of our cybersecurity resources, our in-house team are able to focus their time and resources on any projects that bring direct benefits to McLaren. u 53