Intelligent CISO Issue 16 | Page 51

COVER STORY nd-user ea le, The McLaren Group has deployed a Secureworks solution to secure its data across multiple locations and assess threats in real-time, helping the high-performance car manufacturer stay competitive on race day and beyond. | Issue 16 Mc Lare n Group SECUREWORKS PUTS MCLAREN IN POLE POSITION M CO O, otorsport is all about taking calculated risks. From overtaking, pushing tyres and engines to the limit and timing pit stops, every decision before, during and after a race influences your position during the season. With the huge quantities of telemetry, environmental and competitor data being processed every second by engineers in the pit, keeping this information secure and available when needed is essential. are responsible for ensuring that this data safely reaches the right people at the right time. For McLaren, having a cybersecurity defence is part of the manufacturer’s winning formula, both on and off the track. One of the biggest challenges for McLaren’s Formula One operation is the sheer quantity of data required to keep the car competitive – let alone the extra information and refinement needed to stay at the top of the sport. Ultimately, data is the foundation of making the car go faster and the group’s IT technicians Off the racetrack, McLaren Group is in significant growth and much of this success has been driven by its own Digital Transformation. Within each car there are between 200 and 300 sensors which deliver 100 gigabytes of data during a race weekend. As well as assisting during the race, McLaren also uses this data for future design and engineering – using sophisticated modelling to optimise the performance of every component within the car. As an organisation, it is moving away from a traditional on-premise data centre approach, where a firewall boundary around the organisation was all that was needed to protect and manage its data. 51