Intelligent CISO Issue 16 - Page 43

E R T N P X E INIO OP incorporate or divorce networks and continually manage risk and compliance requirements throughout the process. And for critical infrastructure and manufacturing organisations with OT networks, visibility helps them to realise the business benefits of IT-connected Innovation will happen regardless of security’s involvement, but security is a critical element to the success of the initiative. operational technology, while minimising cyber-risks to operations. • What vulnerabilities are present on my assets and which do I know could be exploited? • What’s protecting the asset or leaving it exposed in my hybrid network? • Are my devices enforcing best practices designed in my security policies? • Can I maintain visibility even as my network changes? A world of possibilities With good visibility, security teams can provide the foundation needed to innovate without introducing the organisation to undue risk. For organisations undergoing Digital Transformation (and which aren’t these days?), visibility ensures the many new and varied assets that come with this | Issue 16 initiative are properly protected within the network infrastructure. For those undergoing cloud migrations or already working in hybrid environments, visibility is a vital tool to ensure that policies are consistently enforced by traditional or cloud mechanisms. Visibility also ensures that vulnerabilities and risks are known throughout the migration process and in the hybrid network. Organisations looking to improve their cyber-resilience leverage on-demand visibility to proactively address risks, rapidly respond to attacks and recover quickly, minimising business disruption. Companies embarking on mergers, acquisitions and divestments use visibility to securely plan how to With all of these innovation initiatives, it’s important to remember that security shouldn’t be an afterthought. Rather, it should help lay the path that will enable organisations to meet their immediate and long-term goals. To be the secure innovation enabler, CISOs should look for solutions that connect the dots between many facets of security and operations; that provide visibility of what you’re trying to protect and how well you’re protecting it; and use visibility to power intelligent processes, unify teams and strategically secure the business today and into the future. With these capabilities, they can earn their seat in the C-suite and be involved from the start of innovation initiatives as a trusted advisor key to the success of the business. u 43