Intelligent CISO Issue 16 - Page 4

intelligent security intelligence that transcends borders A intelligent PUBLICATION Innovation Why securit y should be built into innovation organisations to ensure can reap the benefits of Digital Transformation Retail Some of the main cyber-r isks to the retail CISOs can addres sector and how s these security intelli gence that transcends Security planni ng on a budget How CISOs can ensure their organisations while also getting are protected the best value for money borders issue 16 | MONITORIN THREATS IN G REAL-TIME ENTERPRISE FIREWALL PARTNER 33 The McLaren Group has secured its data across multip assess threats in real-time after deploying a holisti le locations and is able to c cybersecurity solution. GLOBAL CISO KNOWLEDGE PARTNER INTELLIGENT THREAT MANAGEMENT PARTNER DATA SECURITY PARTNER INTELLIGENT BANKING & FINANCE PARTNER GLOBAL INNOVATION PARTNER INTELLIGENT ACCESS MANAGEMENT PARTNER 33. predictive intelligence SaaS nightmare: The risks of collaboration in the cloud 36. feature The way forward for digital forensics 41. expert opinion 44 Innovation without security misses the mark. Amrit Williams, VP Products, Skybox Security 44. industry unlocked Managing cybersecurity risks in the retail sector 55. intelligent technologies 36 48 4 74 48. feature As well as facing off against sophisticated threat actors, CISOs are also tasked with requesting and managing budgets to accelerate their cybersecurity processes and policies. Two industry experts offer their insights into how security professionals can ensure their organisations are protected while also keeping costs down. 62. business surveillance The risk your business ‘invites’ in – managing insider threat 67. decrypting myths Five key factors for a robust incident response process 71. go phish Andy Harris, CTO, Osirium 74. end-point analysis Smart buildings: Understanding the security risks Issue 16 |