Intelligent CISO Issue 16 - Page 23

infographic Barbara Filkins, SANS Senior Analyst That aligns with traditional IT security concerns in which identifying, and tracking assets and networks, remains a challenge. Not surprisingly, mobile devices (including those used remotely to augment and replace ICS workstations) and wireless communications solutions are contributors to overall risks and threat exposure. “We know from previous SANS research that the addition of ‘things’ and mobile devices to ICS represents significant risk,” said Doug Wylie, Director of SANS Industrials and Infrastructure Business Portfolio. “We see in our newest results that practitioners struggle mightily with how to offset these mounting challenges.” The growing adoption and movement to cloud services (40% of respondents indicated they use some cloud service) represents additional risks with exposure to new threats that need to be comprehended and addressed. Wylie added: “Hyperconnectivity and the rapid introduction of new technology within OT, is providing tangible value, but the added complexity that comes with each continues to outpace the readiness of those tasked with safeguarding today’s systems from cyber threats.” u | Issue 16 23