Intelligent CISO Issue 13 - Page 75

aviation and other sectors. Following success in the GCC, CTM360 now operates globally across 22 countries, servicing 100 plus organisations, protecting 200 plus brands and 300 plus VVIPs. CTM360 remains a leader in cyberspace for Managed Threat Detection and Response, Digital Risk Management, Threat Intelligence, corporate and VIP brand protection and anti-phishing. Are there any unique cyberthreats facing Bahrain or is it similar to the rest of the region? The overall threat landscape in Bahrain is not that different from anywhere else in the world. We face similar types of | Issue 13 attacks as any other country or region. The only difference is that sometimes a particular scam, fraud or malware can originate from or target a specific country. So far, none of the cyberthreats have At CTM360, we believe that a pre-emptive approach is always the best choice. shown a particular uniqueness or signs of targeted intent. This may also exist as an industry-specific problem versus being a region-specific one. In situations where it is country or region specific, the intent is often linked to hacktivism or regional conflicts. What sort of threats is the banking sector experiencing in Bahrain? The most common types of threats we face within the banking sector in Bahrain are typical Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud cases, impersonations, phishing websites and evil-twin sites. The banking sector in general worldwide has recently also faced ‘Fast Cash’ 75