Intelligent CISO Issue 13 - Page 71

GO PHISH WE GO PHISHING WITH TOM GORUP, VICE PRESIDENT, SECURITY AND SUPPORT OPERATIONS, ALERT LOGIC, WHO TELLS US E. ABOUT LIFE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE OFFIC What would you describe as your most memorable achievement in the cybersecurity industry? A forensic security investigation for a very large restaurant chain. The customer had been compromised through a social engineering attack during which the attacker called to he inform the restaurant manager that of one at g eatin r afte sick had become ument doc a ired requ and nts aura rest the rance. to be signed for his work and insu This document contained a macro ork which resulted in the entire netw ding inclu and to up , being compromised ain dom with g alon DC the primary admin privileges. After hours of reviewing logs and reversing malware we cut off the attacker’s access. We knew this because shortly after other stores had begun reporting similar social engineering attempts. It was exciting d. how real-time all the events occurre Spending time with my kids really helps me gain perspective of it all. | Issue 13 omers We were then able to get the cust ugh thro d vere back while they reco monitoring activities. What first made you think of a career in cybersecurity? I have always had a passion for e I networking and communication. Sinc net, Inter the of days early the in kid was a d spee I thought it was fascinating the the at which one could communicate to d. worl the other side of After leaving the army I realised the tactics I used to build a battle position in Afghanistan and Iraq could be used to protect a computer network. Only I would be using network sensors and anti-virus. I just had to learn the tools as well as I understood my weapons. What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position? Ownership and compassion. As to leaders, we have a responsibilit y t support our team members. We mus ion vers t bes the enable them to become lity tabi oun acc ugh thro of themselves and compassion. Pointing fingers a does not solve problems. Walking ing and erst und in mile goes a long way in s help ately ultim h perspective whic you driving behaviour. The best friend and can have in life tells you how it is helps you through it. I would recommend extreme and below. ers ownership to all lead What do you think is the current hot cybersecurity talking point? is Unified solution. Of course, ever yone hine Mac interested in talking about AI, tion ; Learning or the next hot point solu ing solv are e thos however, none of y, the security problems of today. Toda wide too with d ente pres are ies pan com se of a selection of point solutions. The g, wron me get ’t don solutions are great, ness busi al typic a help but they don’t achieve the security outcomes they so desperately need. Piecemealing 71