Intelligent CISO Issue 13 - Page 19

cyber trends In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where cyberawareness is high, 61% and 59% respectively were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat aware’ of career opportunities in cybersecurity. of UK students that have heard of cybersecurity said they heard about it from teachers, considerably higher than in Belgium, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, which trailed at 35%, 35% and 38% respectively. This may be due to differences in how cybersecurity is covered in various | Issue 13 curricula. Parents in Germany came out as a top source (58%) as did online resources there (61%), significantly higher than any of the countries surveyed. • There’s more to IT than cyber: A total of 32% of surveyed students across EMEA are considering IT as one of their top five career choices. In fact, it was more likely to be ranked in the top five than more traditional careers such as doctor/nurse (21%), teacher (19%) or working in finance (16%). On a local level, students from Saudi Arabia (47%), the UAE (46%) and 19