Intelligent CISO Issue 10 | Page 7

news Kaspersky Lab joins forces with digital youth charity new campaign – #AndOwningIt – Kaspersky Lab and The Mix are aiming to help young people lead happier lives by empowering them to embrace the things that make them feel insecure and allow them to realise these insecurities are not barriers to happiness. The campaign will be supported by custom t-shirts. All profits from selling the t-shirts will go to The Mix. Ilijana Vavan, Managing Director, Europe, at Kaspersky Lab, said: “For many years, Kaspersky Lab has helped families and businesses fight online insecurity and remain protected from cyberthreats. aspersky Lab has joined forces with digital youth charity The Mix to help young people from around the world embrace their insecurities and show they are not barriers to achieving happiness. It comes after Kaspersky K Lab unveiled a report which showed that Generation Z is the most anxious to date, with a majority of young people surveyed having admitted they are worried about something in their lives. A majority also said they had not sought professional advice to help them cope with it. In a “Now we want to help young people around the globe turn their insecurities into securities and overcome their real-life anxieties as they try to prosper in a digital age that no other generation has faced before.” FORTINET SERVES AS A FOUNDING PARTNER OF WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S CENTRE FOR CYBERSECURITY ortinet, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has announced the company has been named as the first cybersecurity founding partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Centre for Cybersecurity. F Both organisations believe the threat of cybersecurity demands a global response. To respond to the threat of cybercriminals WEF has established the Centre for Cybersecurity, a global network of partners from business, government, international organisations, academia and civil society to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges. Fortinet’s partnership with the centre is further reinforcement of the company’s longstanding commitment to public and private sector collaboration. | Issue 10 In conjunction with the Centre for Cybersecurity, Fortinet will continue its efforts to collaborate, innovate and develop powerful global solutions to reduce global cyberattacks, contain current and future cyberattacks, and deter cybercrime. Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Fortinet. Fortinet’s CEO Ken Xie will serve as a member of the Centre for Cybersecurity Advisory Board. “We are proud to be the first cybersecurity company named a founding partner of the WEF Centre for Cybersecurity and look forward to collaborating with global leaders from the private and public sectors through our shared commitment to deliver a response to the growing global cybersecurity threat,” said Ken Xie, Ken Xie, CEO, Fortinet 7