Intelligent CIO North America Issue 08 | Page 82


Ensuring effective IT security in a world of Edge Computing

Joseph Salazar , Technical Marketing Manager , and Vlado Vajdic , Solutions Engineer , both of Attivo Networks , explain how it is essential to take a multi-layered approach to security when adopting Edge Computing .

Edge Computing and the Internet of Things ( IoT ) are delivering significant business benefits to many organizations . However , they ’ re also creating substantial challenges when it comes to IT security .

Keen to take advantage of this new computing paradigm , organizations are deploying Edge Computing devices in record numbers . They are connecting everything from web cameras and motion detectors to monitors and sensors to corporate IT infrastructures and putting them to work in innovative ways .
In essence , Edge Computing involves shifting the processing power that traditionally occurred in a corporate data center out to a network ’ s perimeter . This shift means that computational processing can then happen close to the source producing the data .
As a result , there is a significant reduction in data volume sent to and from the data center , saving on bandwidth costs . It also improves efficiency , as analysis can begin shortly after data capture .
One example is how devices handle video . Traditionally , footage captured by a security camera needed to be sent back to the data center or cloud infrastructure for analysis , even though most of that footage was of little or no value .
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