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CASE STUDY with Infoblox to build upon its existing investment and position the organization to scale for future growth .
The solution – Switching to a multiyear subscription
Switching to a multi-year subscription solution was key to modernizing the Gaylord Palms network . The Gaylord team began implementing its Infoblox refresh in early 2020 , upgrading to more advanced Trinzic appliances , updating its core NIOS DDI on-premises software bundle with Grid technology and adding Infoblox ’ s reporting and analytics capabilities .
Crucially , the Gaylord team chose to continue its relationship with Infoblox by transitioning to the newly available subscription model rather than the more conventional one-time perpetual license model .
The Gaylord team is reaping several benefits as a result of committing to a five-year subscription with Infoblox , as opposed to a three – or one-year subscription or sticking with a one-time perpetual license . Lower costs , greater flexibility with installation and support are among those benefits .
Arnold explains : “ Among the main advantages of the Infoblox subscription model are cost savings , flexibility and scalability . Because we ’ re not locked into a static installation of purchased assets , we can also completely avoid the usual renewals cycle and avoid unnecessary tech support calls . We won ’ t have to deal with maintenance at all until 2024 .”
Improved network visibility through grid , reporting and analytics performance metrics that the Gaylord team can leverage for planning resource allocation and reporting to the executive team .
Delivering a superior customer experience
In the past decade that Gaylord Palms and Infoblox have been working closely together , they have developed a true partnership and trusting working





relationship . The resort originally chose Infoblox ’ s core DDI solution 10 years ago . When it came time to modernize the network infrastructure to keep up with today ’ s rapidly evolving network landscape , Gaylord Palms didn ’ t have to think twice about continuing its current investment in Infoblox .
With the new Infoblox subscription-based Grid implementation , the Gaylord team is better able to manage and support its security and networking efforts . Specifically , Grid technology enables Mtunga and Arnold to more easily scale and manage DNS , DHCP and IP address management operations .
Mtunga states : “ Our team is constantly met with deadlines and time-sensitive projects . The Infoblox team has worked with us every step of the way and has consulted with us on designing the best , customized solution that we knew would meet our new objectives .
The Infoblox deployment also provides visibility across the entire network , making it easier for the limited IT staff to effectively manage and secure resources .
Grid Manager supplies visibility into every appliance and every DNS query load on the network . It also makes it possible to log everything happening on the system- for instance , whether a server is configured for the IPv4 or IPv6 domain scheme .
All essential information on network resources is easily accessible . Likewise , the new reporting and analytics module simplifies the process of compiling network
“ Infoblox technology just works so that our team can focus on priority tasks and drive innovation and the best experience for our guests and customers . Deciding to continue working with Infoblox was an easy decision , and it was the right one .”
Looking to the future
Now that Gaylord Palms has successfully continued its investment in Infoblox solutions , the IT team is wellpositioned to easily implement additional solutions to protect users anywhere and take its DDI services to the cloud . p
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