Intelligent CIO North America Issue 8 - Page 43

FEATURE : HYBRID IT a cloud offering , which is , in reality , another point solution but essentially built in the cloud , we are not going to solve the problem .
“ We need to look at solutions that are just more than essentially point solutions .” Courtot argues that the best approach is to build a platform that would allow for the acquisition of more telemetry .
“ So then you can absolutely create best of breed solutions that eliminate a lot of the false positives and therefore allows you to do automation ,” said Courtot .
“ So the other thing that we need to realize is that our corporate network is shrinking .
“ That is pretty obvious , because now more and more , we ’ re connecting via the Internet . You go through the cloud , not via your corporate network , but obviously via the Internet . And we saw that very clearly with COVID , which has been a huge toll on many , many industries .”
Addressing new security challenges
This new security model based on open cloud platforms is at its beginning stages , but it ’ s one that Qualys has envisioned since it was founded .
Early on , Qualys realized that the center of the IT universe would shift away from on-premises computing to the Internet , and that security would naturally have to broaden its scope well beyond the corporate network perimeter to the cloud .
Courtot said : “ I don ’ t think we can continue doing what we ’ re doing today . We need to really move to open cloud platforms and open cloud platforms that interoperate with each other . We believe that when you have that notion of open platform that can collect all that information , that visibility on your network , then you could also now marry that with your business information . Today security is front and center , and as we move to the cloud , we must rethink security .” p
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