Intelligent CIO North America Issue 08 | Page 41

“ Creating an accurate inventory or ‘ cartography of your entire hybrid environment ’ which is always up-to-date and seamlessly integrated into your security stack , is the foundation for a comprehensive security program ,” said Courtot .
Rethinking security
With drastic changes that the migration to the cloud is bringing to security it ’ s important to consider what organisations should do to cope with these changes .
“ It ’ s very clear that today we must rethink security and that security is at a crossroad . We all know that we have lost the little visibility that we had , especially today in that world where not only do we have to deal with our current competing infrastructure or network centric computing ,” said Courtot .
“ And now of course , we need to think about the cloud and how we can really create a seamless security or build security across these environments .”
The problem with traditional solutions
As IT teams embrace cloud services , mobility , containers , DevOps and other innovations , the job of security teams gets harder .
This is especially true if they have a heterogeneous stack of tools that are difficult and costly to deploy , integrate and manage .
Philippe Courtot , Chairman and CEO at Qualys
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