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VEXXHOST collaborates with Ciena as part of Canada ’ s ENCQOR 5G partnership

The responsibility of VEXXHOST is to keep the IT resources of ENCQOR 5G up to date in its five innovation centers ( Montreal , Quebec City , Ottawa , Toronto and Waterloo ) updated on the latest releases and secure the smooth functioning of cloud resources .
ENCQOR has built a 5G network to enable companies of all sizes , to get early access to a state-of-the-art 5G development and test platform for prototyping new products and services .

VEXXHOST is collaborating with Ciena on the ENCQOR 5G partnership in Canada – a transformational public-private partnership focused on the research and innovation of 5G technologies .

As certified specialists in hosting and management of OpenStack , VEXXHOST ’ s contributions to ENCQOR 5G will be to provide a fully managed service of the existing OpenStack cloud environment .
By being the cloud computing partner of this initiative , VEXXHOST will be handling the internal cloud environment for the ENCQOR Compute network supported by Ciena and ensure that it is set up with best practices in place .
“ We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with the Ciena-ENCQOR 5G team in support of this innovative initiative ,” said Mohammed Naser , CEO of VEXXHOST .
“ This is a milestone project that helps set up smarter communities across Canada harnessing the possibilities of 5G and we are glad to provide our cloud services to enable it .”

Tempered combines strengths with Nozomi Networks to deliver IoT / OT security

Tempered Networks and Nozomi Networks have announced a new partnership and product integration to deliver a full-featured industrial security solution for network visibility , threat detection and remediation .

The joint offering integrates Nozomi Networks ’ leading network visibility , threat detection and incident response system with Tempered Network ’ s Zero Trust policy enforcement and centralized softwaredefined perimeter management console .
Today ’ s sophisticated security threats are driving requirements for not only extreme visibility and intelligent threat detection , but also automated remediation that can lockdown vulnerable systems while ensuring continued availability for authorized access and continuity of business .
“ As the leader in OT and IoT security visibility and threat detection , Nozomi Networks gives us a powerful partner to deliver greater insight and remediation capabilities to our customers ,” said Jeff Hussey , Founder and CEO of Tempered Networks .
“ The AI-powered network analysis and anomaly detection that they provide can drive more accurate micro-segmentation and security policy enforcement into our Airwall platform , providing a more secure , rapid response approach against industrial-grade network attacks .”
Chet Namboodri , Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances , said : “ Tempered Airwall delivers the military-grade encryption and secure access policy enforcement that many of our joint customers rely upon to quickly remediate anomalies and threats in their networks .”
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