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Jason Sabin , Chief Technology Officer at DigiCert

wWhat would you describe as your most What memorable achievement ?

Without a doubt , my relationship with my wife is the single most important achievement in my life . Going through life with an amazing partner , adventurer and brilliant individual brings me great happiness and a love of life . Career-wise , producing a global product set that helps customers accelerate and produce their own advancements in innovation and technology is very exciting to me . I love the ability to use cryptography and PKI to advance technology and change the way we live life .
What first made you think of a career in technology ?
When I was in the 5th grade , the school I attended brought in a new computer lab with Apple IIe computers , and I was over-the-moon excited about the lab . Around this same time , the real story was my dad had purchased me an Atari 130xe , and one day I popped out the little cartridge and found a READY prompt . I asked my dad what it did and he told me it would do whatever I wanted it to do . The next day he gave me a computer programming book , and from that point on , I always knew I wanted to be involved with computers .
style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
It depends on the individual . Some need coaching and a lot of guidance . Others have earned my trust , and I just help guide strategy and vision . I think I developed this philosophy very early in my career through my own work experiences . In my first R & D job , I just wanted to work on cool technology . Everyone else around me had a lot more experience , but I started by asking to take the worst jobs , and I just put my head down and did my very best . Over time , I earned my manager ' s trust and they gave me increasingly more challenging and interesting technical challenges to solve . I always appreciated this concept of earned-trust from my managers , and I ’ m not interested in micro-managing , so my methodology is a mixture of coaching and trust enablement .
Solving problems , whether people and process-oriented or reworking code , places you in the best position to be successful .
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