Intelligent CIO North America Issue 6 - Page 74

INDUSTRY WATCH we wouldn ’ t be where we are now without them . I love leading the CNet team and seeing all that we have achieved over the years .
“ We have created a fantastic educational framework that I ’ m immensely proud of and we never want to standstill .
“ We are always striving to do more and we have a lot of exciting things coming over the next couple of years , so watch this space !”
As well as marking the company ’ s 25th anniversary in 2021 , CNet is also delighted to be celebrating the Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management turning five years old . Over the last five years , data professionals from some of the world ’ s leading organizations have obtained the highest level leadership and management education program tailored to the data center sector and joined a global elite group of data center professionals .
President and CEO Andrew Stevens who have worked for the company for a long time and all are driven to help CNet succeed and remain the global leader of technical education for the digital infrastructure industry .
Looking ahead , CNet is working on exciting plans to expand its technical offering , adding more programs to its renowned education framework and working alongside the industry and leading organizations to create further technical apprenticeships for the network infrastructure sector .
“ We have fantastic relationships with our customers , industry associations and media contacts across the world , many of whom we think of as close friends and
This will help to encourage more people into the industry and work as an industry to tackle the on-going skills shortage and make it a more inclusive workplace . p
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