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CIO magazine for the North America region . This month ’ s cover features Sam Langley , VP of Information Technology , at TGI Fridays . We hear how hospitality giant TGI Fridays has deployed the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform for strong , company-wide protection for all endpoints against malicious threats , accelerated threat detection and response , and simple management of endpoint security .
Langley told us : “ Our users are constantly under threat of attack – whether they ’ re in this building or outside of these four walls . We needed strong endpoint protection that travelled with the users . as much as we need investment in software .” To read more please turn to p23 .
Elsewhere on p44 , Partha Narasimhan , CTO of Aruba , outlines four trends that can provide CIOs and IT leaders with the tools to be better equipped for navigating the unpredictability of today and beyond .
“ The pandemic has also heightened the interest in networking automation at the Edge among CIOs and IT leaders ,” he said .
“ The four trends outlined here can provide CIOs and IT leaders with the tools to be better equipped for navigating the unpredictability of today and beyond .
“ SentinelOne met all of our critical success factors with the most important being strong protection .” Turn to p56 to find out more about how SentinelOne ’ s nextgeneration , single-agent technology utilizes AI to protect devices against all threat vectors .
“ They empower IT leaders from the top down to strategically position IT as the crucial function businesses need to successfully maneuver whatever the future holds , from pandemics to accelerating shifts in work culture trends and environments .
In this edition ’ s Trending we look at how research has revealed half of younger staffers fear being replaced by technology . Despite 88 % of cybersecurity professionals believing automation will make their jobs easier , younger staffers are more concerned that the technology will replace their roles than their veteran counterparts , according to new research by Exabeam .
Samantha Humphries , Senior Security Strategist at California-based Exabeam , said : “ Automation really is there to help accuracy , efficiency and improve working conditions for employees . “ However , we still need humans and decision-makers and investment in people
“ Ultimately , CIOs want insights beyond the network itself and into availability and performance applications that the users and business leaders care about .”
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