Intelligent CIO North America Issue 6 - Page 43

A hybrid security approach which has your internal security teams connected to external cybersecurity experts and law enforcement will keep you the most secure , while also helping raise the experience level of your security teams .
Ultimately , for businesses to really keep up with their growing data and continue to derive useful insights from it , they will need to invest in tools powered by Machine Learning ( ML ) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to speed up data extraction and analysis processes .
Conversely , backup should play a bigger role within organizations . It not only gives organizations the ability to restore and forensically analyze data in the event of a breach , but in a world that ’ s becoming more critically reliant on ballooning data stores to improve customer experience , backup can help better utilize it .
We ’ re already seeing some organizations combine application owners , backup , analytics and security teams in a new ( virtual ) data management team . This way , they can tackle the challenges around exposed data , service level expectation and risk growth in the most beneficial and economical way .
As these technologies are also significant weapons in cybersecurity as well aiding in data-driven decisionmaking , their adoption is expected to grow at a rapid pace and will add tremendous intelligence and power to the fight .
At its crux , the takeaway here is that in getting prepared for the cyberthreats of 2021 , you will also be putting your business ahead of competitors and boost your productivity . So , don ’ t just choose a supplier or buy a new product – build an ecosystem that will stand by your side when the cybersecurity battle starts to heat up . p
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