Intelligent CIO North America Issue 6 - Page 42

enforcement agency to figure out how to best utilize risk management models and resiliency plans . By ensuring you follow government regulations , the increased

BUSINESSES WILL STILL BE FORCED TO PLACE STRATEGIC BETS ACROSS THEIR PEOPLE , PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE HOPE OF COVERING THEIR WEAKEST POINTS . alignment and information sharing between the government and private organizations will help speed up the identification of threats and lead to faster resolutions .

3 . Gear up – look to hybrid security and intelligent backup to stay ahead
Technology is always going to be the heart of your cybersecurity fight , but no one product is going to maximize your cybersecurity state – you need to invest in your desired outcome . To do that , organizations need to look for software-defined models integrated with external services – a hybrid security approach .
This includes cloud-based software such as PenTesting-as-a-Service ( PtaaS ), Scanning-as-a- Service ( ScaaS ), Network Defense-as-a-Service ( NDaaS ), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service ( DRaaS ) and Backup-as-a-Service ( BaaS ).
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