Intelligent CIO North America Issue 6 - Page 41

FEATURE : DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION strategize how best to avoid cyberattacks . Too often , businesses expect their security team to handle this . But most of the time , this leads to an over-reliance on IT professionals who are already stretched thin by constantly putting out fires . They don ’ t also have the time to develop this strategy .
That ’ s why making sure every member of the company plays in the cybersecurity challenge is key . For example , while employees may be a business ’ biggest weakness , they also form the ‘ human firewall ’ and need to be equipped to do just that – which takes education .
But don ’ t let the collaboration end there – your entire ecosystem of peer-like organizations , experts , suppliers , vendors and even the government should be aligned and geared towards combating this threat .
Cybercriminals are already working together on a large scale , sharing information about critical vulnerabilities , breached systems and targets extremely quickly . So don ’ t fight alone ; work with contacts in your local law
Edwin Weijdema , Global Technologist , Product Strategy at Veeam
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