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Study reveals 94 % of global organizations suffered one or more businessimpacting cyberattack

Tenable illustrates the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting which shows why cybersecurity risk strategies need to mature and how organizations need to act in order to thrive in a secure business environment .

How secure or at risk are organizations from

cyberattacks ? Only four out of 10 security leaders can answer this question with a high level of confidence . The Rise of the Business-Aligned Security Executive , a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Tenable , surveyed over 800 security and business leaders . Its findings are sobering , with 94 % of respondents confirming their organization had suffered one or more business-
Current developments make it clear that security and business managers must start to pull together . impacting cyberattacks in the last year – that is , an attack resulting in a loss of customer , employee , or other confidential data ; interruption of day-to-day operations ; ransomware payout ; financial loss or theft ; and / or theft of intellectual property . Roughly twothirds ( 65 %) said these attacks involved Operational Technology ( OT ) assets .
Multiple attacks were not uncommon , with 46 % confirming they ’ d weathered five or more businessimpacting cyber events in the last 12 months .
The same study found that 68 % of respondents said they ’ d experienced an increase in the number of business-impacting cyberattacks in the last two years . When looking to the future , 77 % of respondents expect an increase in cyberattacks over the next two years .
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