Intelligent CIO North America Issue 6 - Page 21

Why are DXPs Important for IT Teams ?
Just as builders use the best materials to construct a sturdy house , IT leaders can use a DXP to support the digital success of their organization . By using a DXP , IT teams can :
1 . Save Costs and Resources
Leveraging a DXP means that IT teams not only cut down on search and procurement time for different vendors , but also save on resources and costs required to maintain multiple systems .
On a single platform , IT teams can streamline their tech stack , bringing greater efficiency and freeing up time to accomplish more business-critical goals .
2 . Fulfill Multiple Needs
Using an all-in-one solution means that IT teams can easily leverage the flexible architecture and robust capabilities of a DXP to meet various requests .
• Build an intranet for employees to access information , collaborate with others , and do their work , all on one consolidated location
• Host public domains with tools for content page generation and page analytics for marketing teams
• Store documents with powerful search capabilities for sales teams
3 . Adjust for Future Needs
• A monolithic system . A DXP is built for change and will go through constant evolution , optimization , and refinement especially as the digital landscape and customer expectations continue to change
DXPs can integrate with legacy systems , existing databases , and third-party systems . This provides a stronger foundation for each instance created and allows for continual updates , as it is easy to evolve for future needs as well . p
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