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wWhat Makes a DXP Different ?

So , you may be asking , “ Does that mean that a DXP is just a combination of CMS , portal , and other technologies ?”
While many DXP offerings may derive from these systems , they are more than just the sum of these components . A DXP is built to be an agile platform that supports the various needs of businesses to create digital experiences .
What core capabilities distinguish a DXP from other technologies on the market ? DXPs offer :
• Multichannel delivery for digital interactions across various touchpoints
• Native content management capabilities for managing different content types
• Personalization , analytics , and optimization capabilities out of the box
• Flexible architecture that supports integration with legacy systems and third-party applications
• Account services including registration , login and password management with authentication and access control
What is a DXP Not ?
Since the DXP market is still emerging , there are varying levels in the core technologies among vendors . Even though there are a multitude definitions used in the market , leaders in the industry tend to agree that a DXP is not :
• Just a bundle of new or existing technologies . A DXP is a central technological foundation to be built upon that is deeply integrative and flexible . While it does draw from portal , CMS , and even commerce functionalities , all of it works well together to support a continuous customer journey across all digital channels
• A single channel or package . A DXP enables multichannel delivery across a variety of touchpoints and empowers users to deploy many experiences on a single platform
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