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Peel Regional Police selects Motorola Solutions ’ integrated software and video solutions

Peel Regional Police is teaming up with

Motorola Solutions to deploy mission critical end-to-end software and video solutions to enhance officer and community safety and wellbeing for the near 1.4 million residents and visitors of the cities of
Brampton and Mississauga in Canada , and at Pearson International Airport . Peel Regional Police is a progressive , forward-thinking agency that will advance its technology platform by deploying Motorola Solutions ’ CommandCentral software .
This will eliminate information silos , improve data sharing and centralize data access to expedite officer response times and reporting . The new software will help to modernize the public safety and emergency communication workflow across dispatchers , first responders and records specialists , whose job it is to preserve the integrity of information and evidence .
“ Policing continues to become more complex and this technology is essential to providing adaptive and strategic services in times of emergency ,” said Chief Nish Duraiappah , Peel Regional Police . “ We have worked with Motorola Solutions for years as our provider of public safety radio and LTE data communications . By implementing its integrated software technologies , we will be able to ensure that all pertinent information for an active case is front-and-center as our team , including our community partners , responds to the community ’ s calls for help .”

Retail and hospitality outpaces other sectors in fixing software security vulnerabilities

Veracode , one of the largest global providers of application security testing ( AST ) solutions , has released new findings that show the retail and hospitality sector fixes flaws in its software at a faster rate than five other sectors . The findings come from Veracode ’ s analysis of more than 130,000 applications .

The ability to find and fix potential security defects quickly is a necessity , particularly in an industry that requires rapid response to changing customer demands . Retail and hospitality also track a high volume of personal information about consumers through loyalty cards and membership accounts , tying into marketing data from third parties , which is enabled by more software .
Web applications attacks are the primary vector for breaches in retail , with personal or payment data exploited in about half of all breaches , according to the 2020 Verizon
Data Breach Investigations Report . The research found 76 % of applications in the retail and hospitality sector have at least one flaw , which is about average when compared to economic sectors such as financial services , technology , healthcare and others . However , 26 % of application flaws are high-severity issues – the secondlargest proportion among all six sectors – that require urgent attention .
Veracode research shows that the retail and hospitality industry rank second-best for overall fix rate : half of its flaws are remediated in just 125 days , nearly one month faster than the next-fastest sector .
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