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Cloud Security Alliance releases report on cloud-based intelligent eco-systems

The Cloud Security Alliance ( CSA ), which is dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment , has released its report Cloud-Based , Intelligent Ecosystems – Redefining Intelligence & Driving to Autonomous Security

Operations . The paper looks to address the disconnect within cybersecurity wherein increasing numbers of security solutions are only serving to make enterprises more vulnerable . In the document , the authors encourage security executives to break the endless cycle of iterative tool adoption , and , instead , move to data-centric security operations that drive integration and automation while simultaneously leveraging cloud-based fusion .
“ We are in a cyber arms race that has precipitated a security tool-race with adversaries ’ evolving attacks forcing us to spend more to try to defend ourselves .
“ Our default response is to adopt new tools to try to keep up , but we are losing this race as adversaries continue to outpace defenders ,” said Jim Reavis , Co-founder and CEO , Cloud Security Alliance .
“ We are increasing operations and personnel costs but somehow decreasing security and efficiency .
“ Our complex and costly operations are , in fact , increasing the probability of adversaries ’ success .”
The CSA took a step back to examine the problem holistically and identified a critical gap : the absence of a capability to easily leverage and fuse output from security tools and threat intelligence deployed .

Girls Who Code highlights unseen contributions of women coders

The international organization Girls Who

Code is highlighting the contributions of women in technology . The campaign group is seeking to shift perceptions of what a programmer looks like , while also drawing attention to the gender gap within the technology industry with women taking up just 26 % of computing jobs in 2020 .
“ There is still a perception out there that coding isn ’ t for girls , but that ’ s not true – we know that a huge part of the web was coded by women ,” said Reshma Saujani , Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code .
“ With this campaign , we ’ re hoping to inspire the next generation of women coders by showing them what the world would look like if they weren ’ t building it , designing it , coding it .
“ Because without their contributions , the world as we know it , would fall apart .”
The organization recently launched ‘ Missing Code ’, a digital campaign that illustrated how broken the Internet would be if not for the work done by women . Girls Who Code is an non-profit organization seeking to lead the movement to inspire , educate and equip young women with the computing skills needed to pursue 21st century opportunities . Since launching in 2012 , Girls Who Code has reached 500 million people through its work and 300,000 girls through its in-person programming .
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