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Gartner identifies top 10 2023 tech trends for public sector CIOs and mission-critical technology environments . The convergence of enterprise data , privacy , supply chain , cyber-physical systems ( CPS ) and cloud requires an integrated security approach .

Gartner says CIOs should link adaptive security to broader digital innovation , transformation , national security and resilience objectives .
Among the predictions are :

Gartner has identified the top 10 technology trends for 2023 that can guide the acceleration of a post digital public sector .

Gartner predicts that by 2025 , 75 % of government CIOs will be directly responsible for security outside of IT , including operational
• Over 75 % of governments operating more than half of workloads using hyperscale cloud service providers by 2025
• Over 35 % of government legacy applications replaced by solutions developed on low-code application platforms and maintained by fusion teams by 2025
• Sixty percent of government organizations will prioritize business process automation by 2026
• CIOs aligning automation initiatives with current priorities to pursue Digital Transformation – while also optimizing operational costs
By the end of 2023 , Gartner says 50 % of government organizations will establish formal accountability structures for data sharing with CIOs focussed on value-added and mission objectives when developing data-sharing initiatives .

TOWARDEX partners with Evocative to bring broader connectivity to Boston

TOWARDEX , a Boston-based network provider specializing in data center interconnections , high-bandwidth fiber optic communications and operator of the Massachusetts Internet Exchange ( MASS IX ) has announced a new partnership with Evocative , a global provider of Internet infrastructure .

Through this collaboration , Evocative BOS1 clients in Boston benefit from the addition of TOWARDEX as a new carrier at the data center , gaining direct access to MASS IX with over 66 network peering partners and its newly built underground telecommunications conduit system known as the Hub Express System .
TOWARDEX offers substantially increased network carrier options in the greater Boston / New England market . The company ’ s high-bandwidth fiber optic network provides data center and colocation interconnection capabilities including the MASS IX and the Hub Express System , a fiber optic corridor that provides a hyperscale network of underground conduits to accommodate installations of more than 135 additional fiber optic cables by telecommunications carriers .
“ We are pleased to expand the TOWARDEX ecosystem to Evocative BOS1 , enabling their clients with our fiber network services along with direct access to the hundreds of networks and ISPs available through our IX and massive conduit system ,” said James Jun , Chief Operating Officer , TOWARDEX .
“ When our market succeeds , we succeed . Partnering with a company that shares in our collaborative vision of bringing faster and easier accessibility to Boston ’ s Internet and data center communities is an ideal outcome .”
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