Intelligent CIO North America Issue 33 - Page 75

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Adam Fields , SVP , Product and Technology Strategy , Kofax , tells us his top tech trend predictions for 2023 – tested against his predictions for 2022 .

How often do the predictors get held to task when it comes to what they foretell ? Whether that ’ s in the worlds of sport or finance – or industry analysts playing Nostradamus with projected growth rates – too often we write for clicks and then move on , never to be held accountable . Today is a new day . This technologist will hold himself accountable for last year ’ s predictions and provide insight into what ’ s ahead for 2023 . I had some hits , some misses and well . . . I ’ ll let you decide on others .

Here are a few , but not all , of my predictions from last year :
• Automation eliminates jobs ? Hardly ! If last year taught us anything , it ’ s that workers want purpose . It ’ s frustrating that it took a global pandemic for the world to focus on employee experience , but here we are . Humans + tech creates the best experience so that workers can focus on what matters most to them and their customers . Organizations were expected to spend more than $ 2 billion on intelligent automation in 2022 , even during an economic downturn , which history dictates is exactly what happens when there aren ’ t enough workers to fill the open seats . Prediction : ACCURATE
• We ’ ll see you at the mixed-reality water cooler . Okay , with the desire to be one of the cool kids , I got ahead of my skis on this one . It ’ s not that virtual reality ( VR ), Augmented Reality ( AR ) and mixed reality ( MR ) haven ’ t technologically progressed in the past twelve months , but the Metaverse is hardly being perceived as the greatest thing since the IP address at the moment . Much like it ’ s taken time for organizations to figure out how to apply AI technologies to real-world problems , so too will it take more time for the corporate world to blend with the virtual one – although this tech will continue to grow on the consumer side this year . Prediction : SWING-AND-A-MISS
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