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CIO magazine for the North America region . This month ’ s cover outlines how holistic thermal optimization can achieve ‘ next level ’ data center performance .
This project includes the building of 1-gigawatt of data centers , establishing a Green Hydrogen Hub and , over time , deploying four to six small modular reactors ( SMRs ) each generating on the order of 250 MWe each .
Jonathan Gould , Vice-President , North America , EkkoSense , tells us that EkkoSense ’ s clients usually achieve a reduction in data center cooling energy usage ranging from 10 % to 20 % and highlights how EkkoSense ’ s AI technology can revolutionize the way data center operators manage their facilities .
Read how that all comes together on p53 .
Ronda Cilsick , CIO , Deltek , shares on p36 how women can excel in the tech sector citing her own story of learning from a mom she says was far ahead of her time .
EkkoSense is growing rapidly globally as a SaaS company , pitching itself as unlike traditional , IT-led DCIM based approaches in offering a distinctive , light-touch AI-enabled software-driven thermal optimization approach .
Gould says this approach offers a great opportunity to build on the company ’ s success to date across the Americas region .
And if you want to know the one career change Bradley Jones , CRO at Indeavor , would make , go to Get to Know on p79 .
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So , make the most of the month ahead and enjoy the read .
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We report on how the USA is to get a first of its kind green integrated energy center .
Unsurprisingly , this ambitious project is coming to Virginia , a state actively securing its status as the world ’ s biggest data center market with an incentive program including tax exemptions .
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