Intelligent CIO North America Issue 33 - Page 49

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challenges of fully migrating to the cloud such as a disruptive and often costly ‘ rip-and-replace ’, long deployment cycles and resource dedication .
However , organizations can innovate without disruption .
“ Innovation starts with ideation and follows through with implementation , but current investments shouldn ’ t be abandoned in the name of innovation ,” said Tim Sherwood , GVP of Product and Offer Management , Avaya .
“ The innovation journey to optimize your contact center and simplify your customer experience , doesn ’ t necessarily need to be a full cloud transition . While this might be the right move for some organizations , others prefer to keep their current on-premises contact
The capabilities of Avaya enable us to communicate with customers in ways we never have before .
center . Companies today need to move at a pace and path that fits their business needs .”
The advantages of a hybrid model are envisaged as offering organizations access to innovative features without the disruption of throwing away what works . Existing investments can be enhanced with new cloud capabilities at a measured pace , according to organizational preferences .
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