Intelligent CIO North America Issue 33 | Page 83

Low code is expected to take off in 2023 . Gartner expects the market to increase by 20 %. When speaking with other CIOs , I ’ ve found that they ’ re seeing low-code data application platforms serving two purposes : They enable IT teams to do more with less and they allow employees in non-IT departments to create integrations that they need to improve their job . With many companies pausing on hiring , low-code application integration is one way to enable employees to do more with less .
Leaders will focus on integrating their technologies to reap maximum benefits
Most companies have already invested in numerous data and cloud-related technologies , but by taking on too many applications organizations are now experiencing modernization choke points , holding up operations and leading to sunk costs .
To avoid wasted investments and maximize their ROI , companies will look to consolidate and integrate key applications and technologies to provide better automated and integrated experiences to their end users , employees and customers .
For instance , there ’ s usually a best of breed cloud for each type of application or workflow . However , the gains from those different clouds could be minimal at best without application integration , as they could lock data in silos , require employees to laboriously
ERPs drive companies . Organizations use them to plan and oversee all of their resources , from money to people to materials . In times of uncertainty , ERPs and their data and insights are even more critical .
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