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Purdue will provide use of its airport as well as the lab to life testbed established throughout the Discovery Park District at Purdue , a 400-acre , mixed-use development adjacent to the university ’ s campus .
“ Purdue University is the perfect location for this project to innovate airport management ,” said Purdue President Mung Chiang . “ Purdue has established longstanding partnerships with Ericsson and Saab , two Swedish innovators and global tech leaders .


Purdue University Airport is one of the handful of airports operated at a research university in the US . And Purdue ’ s Discovery Park District , next to our airport , has provided a lab to life ecosystem where cutting-edge technologies are deployed before any other locations in the country . No other location is better suited for these exciting 5G innovations and network management solutions that will impact people ’ s lives around the globe .”
Troy Hege , Vice President of Innovation and Technology for Purdue Research Foundation , which manages Discovery Park District at Purdue , said : “ Expanding the lab to life platform to the Purdue Airport creates great opportunities to advance aviation and mobility innovation and education in partnership with industry , faculty and students .
“ The combination of Purdue ’ s operational airport , research faculty and students with Ericsson ’ s Private 5G network and Saab ’ s sensor arrays and operating systems is an innovation and education asset that is unlike anything else that exists today .” easy-to-use , cellular connectivity solution built to power innovation for Industry 4.0 .
“ We are witnessing uptake in global demand for digitalization at airports that requires stable , secure and high-performing wireless networking . Ericsson ’ s Private 5G network will enable cellular connectivity for the lab to life innovation platform at the Purdue University Airport ,” said George Mulhern , Head of Ericsson Enterprise Wireless Solutions .
“ This unique collaboration enables trials and industrialization of 5G applications and use cases that help solve aviation market needs – improving flight safety and enhanced passenger experience as well as increased efficiencies and cost savings . This is just one more example of how different enterprises can work with 5G networks to develop solutions in realworld environments .”
Adam Baxmeyer , Purdue Airport manager , sees the private 5G installation as a strong fit with the airport ’ s vision .
Ericsson Private 5G is a 4G and 5G dual-mode core private network tailored to drive the Digital Transformation across a broad set of industries and enterprises . Ericsson Private 5G is a high-performance ,
“ Purdue Airport has proven to be a key location in Indiana to aid commercial and industrial consumers . We have built a sterling reputation through more than 90 years of service ,” Baxmeyer said . “ Our mission
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